Stop wasting your time

We’re spending too much time consuming content. Even now, reading this.

What do we actually need all of this information for? Sure go ahead, be inspired, follow entrepreneurs. But don’t sit there reading and listening and watching and not doing anything, complaining about how your life is, complaining how well everyone else is doing.

You’re wasting time. You’re wasting time now when you could be creating something amazing. Cut out the distractions, work on the important stuff, work out what is important to you and go and do it.

HTML, CSS & JS Frameworks and when to use them

I had been toying with the idea of using an HTML, CSS & JavaScript framework for quite some time. Will it save me time? Will it help me code more quickly? Everyone else seems to be doing it, maybe it’s time I gave it a try? I did some digging and quickly realised that these frameworks weren’t going to be for me and here’s why.

Speeding up your WordPress website

A fast and performant website is incredibly important. Mobile and tablet usage are on the rise, people are busy and increasingly impatient, everyone wants to get to content more quickly. Although this post is tailored to WordPress there are still some great takeaways for any web project so even if you’re not running a WordPress website, read on to learn some neat tips and tricks you may not have already heard of.

Client Expectations: A Reality Check

I’ve got a friend who reminded me of this situation recently, now let me setup the story.

You’re a freelancer/agency/professional and you are good at your job. You’re busy, right? You’re really busy and you have clients and projects and schedules and proposals to write. If you’re good you should be busy, if the client wants to use you, you should be busy – that’s kind of the point.

Well, imagine this scenario and I’m sure many of you have been there, I know I have in the past. You spend weeks of back and forth with a client, getting their requirements right, getting every aspect of the project mapped out. The Project Specification is sorted, you’ve got enough to write a proposal and provide a quote. Great, well done!

Ghost vs WordPress in terms of income and support

One thing I haven’t mentioned much is that I also create Ghost themes. I love Ghost for it’s simplicity, it places content and writing at the front and lets the design melt in to the background.

I had a random email from someone the other day, looking to get into theme development and looking at Ghost as a way to start off simple.

I sent them a lengthy reply via email back, I found the following rather interesting and thought you might do too!

Selling WordPress Themes across multiple marketplaces

Continuing on from where I left off on my post about selling themes this post focuses on all things non-ThemeForest.

A lot of authors just add their themes to ThemeForest and they make a great living doing so. I’ve found that if I want to make more money and gain a greater customer base, I also need to sell themes on a number of different marketplaces.

I’m going to explain my experience on each in detail so you can get a clearer picture of whether it is worth the time and effort featuring your work there.