Keeping it Professional

I’ve worked as part of a team, I’ve worked with freelancers, contractors and I’ve managed a design and development studio. I’ve seen a lot of great things and a lot of mistakes that people (myself included) make over and over again.

Today I want to talk about being professional at work, with a few basic ideas to start you off being professional and keep you there.

A WordPress Code Cheat Sheet

Below are a list of functions I find myself using day in and day out when building for WordPress. There is a mixture in there of stuff you can find all over the internet to a few tailored pieces of code I’ve used. I thought they may come in handy so I’m sharing them here, if you know a better way of doing something please let me know – I’m always trying to learn.

Stop wasting your time

We’re spending too much time consuming content. Even now, reading this.

What do we actually need all of this information for? Sure go ahead, be inspired, follow entrepreneurs. But don’t sit there reading and listening and watching and not doing anything, complaining about how your life is, complaining how well everyone else is doing.

You’re wasting time. You’re wasting time now when you could be creating something amazing. Cut out the distractions, work on the important stuff, work out what is important to you and go and do it.