Selling Commercial WordPress Themes, A Real Life Story

Partly as a challenge, partly due to a short spell of no client work I decided to start up a WordPress Theme business in June 2012. I uploaded my first ever commercial theme “Scruvely” which went on sale on 1st August 2012. I’ve now got 34 themes on sale across multiple marketplaces. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, learnt a lot about WordPress, customer support and marketing along the way. I thought it was about time to share some of this, so here we go…

Performance hints: WordPress on Cloud & Shared Hosting

It’s been a while since I relaunched my company website, 2nd Floor. I worked hard to get the best performance I could from the website, running multiple page speed tests and really trying to hone it down.

After hours of experimentation (yes I got a bit obsessed with it) I was able to get a good compromise between page speed and sensible site maintenance.