What I wish I’d done when I set up my Commercial WordPress Theme Business

If you’ve had a look around my blog I’m sure you know about my WordPress Theme Business. What you probably didn’t know (unless you know me personally) is that I handed over the Theme Business to another developer at the beginning of the 2017.

Over a year on and I’ve realised that I haven’t shared my experience of having a digital product based business. Now feels like the right time.

I was lost but now I’ve found myself… or something like that

It’s spring and it is time for some spring cleaning! I lost my way a little bit with my blog, I started posting regular content (you know keeping it consistent like all the gurus advise) but it turns out, it’s hard to post regular content when you’re focusing on just one thing… WordPress. It all gets a bit… well… WordPressy.

IMPORTANT: WordPress Security Alert.

I posted this on my Facebook Page last week, but I’ve seen a couple of people talking about issues with WordPress being taken down, so I thought I’d pop it in a quick blog post.

If you are using WordPress versions 4.7 or 4.7.1 make sure you update to 4.7.2 immediately as there is a core vulnerability in those versions leaving your website open to attacks.

You can read more about the vulnerability on the Sucuri Blog.

Helpful Information

You may want to check out a couple of Facebook Lives I recorded on WordPress Security and Hidden Dangers.

A WordPress Code Cheat Sheet

Below are a list of functions I find myself using day in and day out when building for WordPress. There is a mixture in there of stuff you can find all over the internet to a few tailored pieces of code I’ve used. I thought they may come in handy so I’m sharing them here, if you know a better way of doing something please let me know – I’m always trying to learn.

Speeding up your WordPress website

A fast and performant website is incredibly important. Mobile and tablet usage are on the rise, people are busy and increasingly impatient, everyone wants to get to content more quickly. Although this post is tailored to WordPress there are still some great takeaways for any web project so even if you’re not running a WordPress website, read on to learn some neat tips and tricks you may not have already heard of.

Selling WordPress Themes across multiple marketplaces

Continuing on from where I left off on my post about selling themes this post focuses on all things non-ThemeForest.

A lot of authors just add their themes to ThemeForest and they make a great living doing so. I’ve found that if I want to make more money and gain a greater customer base, I also need to sell themes on a number of different marketplaces.

I’m going to explain my experience on each in detail so you can get a clearer picture of whether it is worth the time and effort featuring your work there.