How to link your Facebook Group to your Business Facebook Page

As some of you will know Facebook has been slowly rolling out the ability to link your Facebook Business Page to your Facebook Group or Groups. About 3 weeks ago my Chris Wharton page got the upgrade and its been super handy for posting into my Support with WordPress Facebook Group. I’ve been surprised and frustrated that I haven’t seen the option added to any of my other business pages.

Over the past day I’ve seen a couple of people post step by step Facebook posts on how to manually link your page to your groups without having to wait for Facebook to unlock the functionality.

HTML, CSS & JS Frameworks and when to use them

I had been toying with the idea of using an HTML, CSS & JavaScript framework for quite some time. Will it save me time? Will it help me code more quickly? Everyone else seems to be doing it, maybe it’s time I gave it a try? I did some digging and quickly realised that these frameworks weren’t going to be for me and here’s why.