Tips for Getting a Job with a Web Design Company

Even as an owner of a little web design company I still get a healthy amount of speculative career enquiries. The problem with almost all of them is that they have little knowledge of what my company does, where we are or even what our names are. In short, these people are doing it all wrong. If I were looking for a job, this is what I’d do…

Keeping it Professional

I’ve worked as part of a team, I’ve worked with freelancers, contractors and I’ve managed a design and development studio. I’ve seen a lot of great things and a lot of mistakes that people (myself included) make over and over again.

Today I want to talk about being professional at work, with a few basic ideas to start you off being professional and keep you there.

Becoming a Mentor

I recently signed up to the Design Buddy scheme with The Arts University College in Bournemouth. This is where students gets a chance to be mentored with someone in their chosen(ish) industry.

I didn’t get this kind of opportunity while I was at University, so I jumped at the chance to lend a hand. Design Buddies, run by Neil Leonard, partners students with suitable mentors, assessing what skills the student will need to brush up on and what they need to know about venturing into the big wide world of “The Web”.