Brand bashing

In the last few weeks I have seen two examples of what I term “brand bashing”. This is where a brand, be it well-known or lesser-known intentially singles out a strong competitor or market leader and attacks certain aspects of their business. This isn’t a clever way of doing business, it’s not a positive way of promoting your business and I really can’t see the benefits for even doing it.

Tips for Getting a Job with a Web Design Company

Even as an owner of a little web design company I still get a healthy amount of speculative career enquiries. The problem with almost all of them is that they have little knowledge of what my company does, where we are or even what our names are. In short, these people are doing it all wrong. If I were looking for a job, this is what I’d do…

Stop wasting your time

We’re spending too much time consuming content. Even now, reading this.

What do we actually need all of this information for? Sure go ahead, be inspired, follow entrepreneurs. But don’t sit there reading and listening and watching and not doing anything, complaining about how your life is, complaining how well everyone else is doing.

You’re wasting time. You’re wasting time now when you could be creating something amazing. Cut out the distractions, work on the important stuff, work out what is important to you and go and do it.

An Outsider’s Take on The New Adventures in Web Design Conference

A guest post by Jude Wharton.

In my professional capacity I am one half of the web design and digital design company¬†2nd Floor. The other half of 2nd Floor was at the New Adventures in Web Design conference in Nottingham this week, while I stayed in the office keeping everything ticking over. The conference is much more his thing than mine, he is the designer, I’m the copywriter and general bits and bobs doer or Business Director as I like to be known!