Hi, I’m Chris Wharton. I’m a digital designer living in Romsey, a small market town in England. I run a little web design company with my wife called 2nd Floor.

My History

I’ve been playing with computers ever since Windows 3.1 where I used to create stop motion animations in Powerpoint and re-create my Mum and Dad’s bank cards in MSPaint for me and my sister to play shops with.

I have always been interested in drawing and computers throughout my whole life, specialising in Graphic Design and IT at college. I then did a foundation degree in Art and Design at Portsmouth University specialising in graphic design and video editing. I graduated with a first class honours from UWE Bristol in Time-based Media – which let me learn more about video editing, sound production and multimedia. In 2003 Flash was a big thing, as was Macromedia, so after creating a flash-based game for my final year project at Uni I went on the hunt for a career with design and computers.

My first design job paid me under £7k a year as a Junior Web Designer, where table layout was the next big thing after framesets. With 3 browsers to code for, times were busy ;)

My second design job saw me starting as a Middleweight Web Designer on double that salary where I quickly moved up to manage the design team and after 2 years of hard work I was running both design and development teams as Studio Manager for globally recognised brands.

In 2010 when my wife got pregnant with our first boy, I wanted to be in control of my hours, finances and most importantly I wanted to get back to design so 2nd Floor was born and it’s been a great journey so far. We work with a range of clients from start-ups to large corporations across Web, UI and UX design.

As time has gone on I’ve become very fond of WordPress and spun up a moderately successful side project called MeanThemes which has taught me a lot of valuable lessons on selling digital products online and what it is like to have customers and support.

In late 2016 I have been broadcasting weekly Facebook Live’s on my Facebook Business Page.

In 2017 I gave up control of MeanThemes.

Passing on knowledge

I’ve always been keen on sharing my processes, thoughts and experiences with friends and family throughout my life. That’s why I like to blog regularly, sharing my knowledge can help speed up other peoples processes, stop them making the same mistakes that I’ve made, find code shortcuts for some technical things or sometimes just make people think about things differently.

Get in contact

I’m always happy to hear from people on Facebook or or Twitter. You can also get in touch via my Contact page.