It’s spring and it is time for some spring cleaning! I lost my way a little bit with my blog, I started posting regular content (you know keeping it consistent like all the gurus advise) but it turns out, it’s hard to post regular content when you’re focusing on just one thing… WordPress. It all gets a bit… well… WordPressy.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love WordPress, but I was boring myself with all the Plugin Of The Week and WordPress Wednesdays nonsense, so I’ve binned all the posts (oh no! SEO!) and I’m going to concentrate on not targeting a niche. I’m going back to writing about my experiences of selling WordPress themes, running a web and design business and maybe even a few fitness related posts. If people find it interesting, cool, if not – I have something to bore my kids with when they’re older.

So, what’s coming up?

(In no particular order)

  • “What I wish I’d done when I set up my Commercial WordPress Theme Business”
  • “A Freelancer’s Guide to becoming a Freelancer”
  • “A Design Businesses Owners Guide to Building a Design Business”
  • “Setting up a profitable side project”
  • “Networking without the networking”
  • “The long game”
  • “Don’t chase something you think you should be chasing but you don’t know why you’re chasing it”
  • “Managing stress with a fitness program”
  • “Yoga actually works”
  • “Self-care is good, you know like taking a break, going outside and talking to humans”

Posts are going to be semi-regular, as in maybe once a month, maybe once a week, maybe every two months. Basically, I’m not going to disappear for 6-12 months at a time.

So that’s it, no request to sign up to my mailing list, no annoying pop ups, lead magnets or up-sells. Just me sharing some of my “knowledge” from 15+ years in design and web.