As you all know I’ve been really getting in to my Facebook Live’s recently. Something that has been bugging me since I started was that everything was the wrong way round when I did a FB Live with the front-facing camera. Well I have just figured out how to fix that!

What happens

I, like many others, use the front facing camera so I can see myself. You get everything setup just right, lighting, sound, tripod.

Then you realise you have something with text on in the background and it looks like this…

Facebook Live - mirror image

In case you didn’t notice… all the writing is the wrong way round!

How to fix it

This only happens when using the front facing camera so the obvious fix is to use the back camera, but then you lose all of the convenience of being able to see yourself and any engagement you are getting, so here is how you flip the mirror image back to standard.

Start your Facebook Live as usual

When you start one from your page, you need to press “Publish”

Facebook Live

Then you press “Live Video”

Facebook Live

Now press the tiny wand in the top right

Facebook Live - wand icon

This will bring up all the silly filters, ignore those and

Press the Tools icon in the bottom row

Facebook Live - tools icon

Then press the “Horizontal Flip” icon

Facebook Live - horizontal flip icon

Then just press the white backed close icon

Facebook Live - close icon

and that’s it!

Facebook Live - mirror gone

You will now be able to broadcast your lovely Facebook Live with everything round the right way, whilst still being able to see yourself. Just hit that “Go Live” button as usual and go create some awesome content!

One more thing though!

You have to do this every single time that you do a Facebook Live, it does not remember your settings!

One other thing…

See it action on my Facebook Live’s, every Wednesday at 12:00 GMT where I talk about WordPress, just like my page and you’ll never miss one.