In a new weekly feature, I want to share some of my must-have WordPress plugins. These are the WordPress plugins I use every day to speed up my workflow, optimise websites or keep on top of boring tasks. Up this week: WP Smush.

What is it?

WP Smush smushes (or re-saves) your images really really really small.

Why do you need it?

WP Smush should be in every WordPress website owners toolkit. Image file sizes are one the biggest issues on the web. They can massively increase the the time it takes for your webpage to download and be seen in your visitor’s browser. By optimizing your images down to much smaller file sizes with WP Smush, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to download your web pages.

How much does it cost?

WP Smush is free, it costs absolutely nothing.

However, if you’re super serious and a hard core image optimizer there is a WP Smush Pro version that boasts some enhanced features like…

  • Super smush images even smaller than the standard free version
  • Smush larger images, up to 32mb
  • Bulk smush ALL your images
  • Automatically convert PNG files to JPEG if file size will be smaller.
  • Backup of original un-smushed images.
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Includes Hummingbird pagespeed booster, Uptime monitoring and security hardening.

… however the “Pro” version does come with a price tag. It’s actually part of WPMU DEV subscription plan which has 100s of useful plugins. Definitely worth checking out if you can afford the $49 a month.