Plugin of the week this week is Regenerate Thumbnails.

What is it?

It regenerates all of your thumbnails!

Why do you need it?

If you didn’t know already, every time you switch a WordPress theme or install a plugin, if the theme or plugin has “add_image_size” in its code, it requests a new image size. If you don’t already have that image size WordPress just serves up the largest version of the image, which is bad for page speed and user experience. Regenerate thumbnails simply allows you to process all of your WordPress uploaded images again by checking for “add_image_size” in all code running on your website. Which means you get the image sizes the theme or plugin asked for in the first place – quicker page speed loads and happier website visitors!

One word of warning though, if you have lots of images you are going to want to kick the plugin off and have a cup of tea and let it whirr away. If you have lots and lots and lots of images – have a cup of tea, dinner and then go to bed and check on it in the morning. It can be a labour-intensive task to resize a number of images, but the plugin has always been in my toolkit and it comes highly recommended.

How much does it cost?

Regenerate Thumbnails is completely free.