In the last few weeks I have seen two examples of what I term “brand bashing”. This is where a brand, be it well-known or lesser-known intentially singles out a strong competitor or market leader and attacks certain aspects of their business. This isn’t a clever way of doing business, it’s not a positive way of promoting your business and I really can’t see the benefits for even doing it.

Examples please

The two examples I have come across are:

Magento vs. Shopify Campaign and vs. WordPress vs. WordPress

Firstly, this article is ill-informed on most of it’s points.

After tweeting about my disappointment on their medium article (the same content as the link above),

one of the co-founders did reach out to me to ask me my opinion. We have since had a lovely long Google hangout and have had a proper chat about it.

The co-founder assures me that this article was written from a good place. was born out of the frustations they had with WordPress. Even knowing this history, to me it still reads like a bashing of WordPress or at best a bitter moan.

None of my comments from my tweets and our chat seemed to have been applied to their pages so far, which is a shame.

How could have improved? is in fact a very good platform, I think the message they are providing is doing them a disservice.

If I were to tackle a similar subject, a comparison of one system to another I would choose to shout about all the positives of my system instead of singling-out specific issues with another.

Looking at WordPress holisitcally, many could say that it’s very foundations do not match up to modern standards 10 years on. I’d explain that isn’t held back by legacy code and frameworks, it is built with more modern technology which makes it faster in many instances and more adaptive.

I’d spin the whole thing up as a positive message for whilst still showing the respect that WordPress deserves in paving the way for the interactions and flows that many CMS users take for granted.

Magento vs. Shopify Campaign

This came to my attention when Tom Wittlin tweeted a link.

Comparing it to the page it is a lot more blatant.

I absolutely despise the whole notion of this. It’s the equivalent of a 6 year old being told in the school playground that “my Dad is bigger than your Dad”.

How could Magento have improved?

Throw the content away, delete it and never think about it again.

It is pointless, petty and immature.

What I would do is have a Magento vs Shopify page and have content that put over something like this.

“We’re not going to tell you to use us over Shopify. Shopify is an amazing eCommerce system. What we are going to do is ask you to consider your options, choose the right system for you. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of all eCommerce systems before you make your final decision. Here is a everything that makes Magento great: insert great stuff.
Try out Magento today for free, you won’t regret it.”

It’s time to grow up

If you want to be better, be better, don’t point out someone else’s perceived weaknesses to promote your strengths.

Most people will see straight through this tatic, every product has weaknesses and room for improvement especially in software.

Let’s keep things positive and amicable. There is a place for everyone in this world. Rather than dog-eat-dog tactics, lets try kittens-cuddling-kittens instead.