This is a tiny tale about a little market town in England.

In this bustling little town, there is a tiny parade of shops, a fish & chips shop, a Funeral Directors, an Indian takeaway and two Barbershops.

The Barbershops are just three shops apart. Barbershop One is ostentatious and large with a chequered floor and a retro fifties vibe. Barbershop Two is well presented but incredibly tiny.

I pass these two Barbershops every day on the way to work and after a few weeks I noticed something. Barbershop Two (the little one) was always busy, the bench for it’s customers always had 4 or 5 people waiting with 2 in the chairs getting their hair cut. Barbershop One (the ostenatious one) was always either empty or had very little custom, no one waiting.

So, I started to do a little more research. They both had the same prices, Barbershop One has a website, Barbershop Two doesn’t. Barbershop One opens on Sundays, Barbershop Two doesn’t.

Looking at each of them, I personally preferred the look of the little one. It was always busy and didn’t look like it was trying too hard.

I decided I had to try them both out. I have a simple haircut that most can achieve with some clippers, grade 2 round the sides and back and grade 3 on the top.

I parked up and strolled along to the big one first, no one was inside and the two Barbers were sat sunning themselves outside. Neither looked at me as I checked the prices or made any attempt to engage with me. So, I strolled on to the little one.

The little one had two people in the chairs and two people waiting, but as I stood there reading the prices on the window both Barbers inside looked over, one nodded and the other smiled. So I went in.

As I sat there I realised everyone was a regular and there were a mixture of ages and of course hairstyles amongst the customers. I had my hair cut with exactly the right amount of discussion between me and the Barber (I’m not a fan of the talking at you about nonsense and football approach).

I’ve been having my haircut there for the last 6 months and it is the best haircut I’ve ever had. Believe it or not a lot of Barbers can quite easily get a head shave wrong!

So, what’s the point of this hair related tale?

Well, I run a web design business, we are small but we have a loyal client base and live off word of mouth. We provide quality work at fair prices, we’re not ostentatious with big flashy offices. We have a little office that we share with another like minded individual. We don’t have project managers, account managers, marketeers and social experts. We know our craft and we do it well.

What I’m really saying here is, don’t forget about the little ones. You’ll be happy that you went small, just give it a try.

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