I realised recently that I followed so many people on Twitter that I’d actually stopped bothering to keep an eye on my Twitter stream. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in what people had to say (well sometimes I wasn’t) and it’s not that I was too busy (well sometimes I was) it was just the sheer volume of tweets and I couldn’t keep up.

At the time I followed close to 500 people, I pared it down to 200.

The Criteria for being Culled

I wanted a method to decide on who to keep and who to cull, so I came up with this short list…

  1. Am I following you and your company/side project? If so, just follow the person
  2. Am I still following you because I had to follow you to DM you because you didn’t deliver my parcel?
  3. Who are you?
  4. You annoy me? …Yes I was following a few “web celebs” just because I thought they’d say useful stuff, they didn’t
  5. Did I follow you just because you are my friend in real life and you have a twitter account but only have you once tweeted and that was back in 2006?
  6. You weren’t following me anymore, so what’s the point in following you?

What I realised whilst culling

A LOT of people are using unsplash.com for their Twitter covers!

Do I hate the people I culled?


Have I checked Twitter more since I did the above?

Yes and I’ve engaged with more people.