I love having a blog, but I am the first to admit that I’ve not been fantastic at writing posts.

So in an open commitment to my follower (or maybe followers) I’ve written a list of blog posts I am planning on writing over the next few weeks and months. These may or may not come out in the order below :)

  1. Creating a basic WordPress theme options panel (using the WordPress API)
  2. Extending the basic options panel with colour pickers, image uploads and more
  3. Committing to get fit, my experience of the Jawbone UP
  4. Running your own company, the lessons I’ve learnt
  5. Selling WordPress themes, a real life story
  6. Twitter Bootstrap vs Foundation – do we even need these things?
  7. Thinking outside “the grid”

And so you never miss any content again, I’ve set up a MailChimp list and automatic email so get on over to the subscribe form and sign up, I’ll try not to disappoint. Just use the handy big button below to sign up…

Roll up, Roll up, get my blog posts here