Where to start… there is too much goodness with the New Adventures conference, from the pre-conference events through the conference all the way to the post-conference events. I missed out on the first NAconf due to brand new baby so this was my 2nd NAconf.

I’m not going to talk about last year, it was good, in fact it was very good – but this year, this year was something else. The whole day was filled with excitement, which may have been something to do with the “road trip” (said in an american, “dude where’s my car” voice) we had planned with some of my most esteemed colleagues.

The conference

Every single talk was worth attending but the highlights for me were four speakers;

Tiago Pedras who spoke passionately about Responsive Teaching. At first, I thought it was going to be about Responsive Web Design methods, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear about how he has taught his students to be ready for the web industry. This touched a special place in my heart as everyone who knows me knows that I love mentoring and helping people.

Wayne Hemingway was also quite frankly astounding. His story of how he grew his business from a market stall in Camden to the Red or Dead we all knew was so inspiring.

Jessica Hische spoke about procrastiworking, the work you create whilst you are procrastinating. It was a really interesting take on how to deal with certain projects and clients. I’m a procrastinator and the work I produce when I’m left to my own devices tends to be my best.

Jon Tan spoke with such authority about fonts and web fonts I was left thinking “Damn… I’ve got lots to learn”. I’ve always had an appreciation of good typography, but Jon’s knowledge is immense. Writing a book anytime soon Jon?

The rest of the speakers were also fantastic, but the four talks above resinated most with me.

So, the last New Adventures?

Sadly, that was the last NAconf, in that format. Mr Collinson was rather cagey about what was next, but sometimes you have to quit whilst your ahead and it couldn’t have got much better.

Everybody loves photos

The morning after the conference all of the insane / sober people met at 10am to do a photo walk of Nottingham, led by Dan Rubin and Naomi Atkinson. It was a lovely way to say goodbye to Nottingham, my pictures are in the gallery above, but for better ones check out NAphoto on Flickr.