This has taken me longer to write than I had hoped but I was waiting for the videos to become available for the talk I did up in London for the ubelly ignite event.

Unfortunately there has been an issue with the audio on the videos so they will never see the light of day. I was there though, as you can see from the photo below.

I have however, recorded audio over the top of my slideshare presentation (link at the bottom of this post)

Where was it?

The Big Chill House on 15th February, at 7pm, as part of London’s social media week and sponsored by ubelly.

So how did it go?

Me (Chris Wharton) speaking at Ubelly Ignite

This was only the second time I’ve spoken to a large group of people. The first was part of the design buddy scheme at AUCB in front of around 100 students. This time I spoke to 100 peers about a subject close to my heart, mentoring. You can see a link to the slides at the end of this post. I was rather nervous, the first three speakers were quite frankly amazing and I was being followed by Bruce Lawson who never disappoints when speaking.

I had notes, 3 pages of script for the rather rigid ignite format (5 minutes, 20 slides, auto advancing). I remember Luke Murphy doing a great job of introducing me with the following 3 random facts…

1. I once modelled as David Coulthard in a McLaren photoshoot (I was wearing his helmet, I am not a lookalike).
2. I own my own company, called 2nd Floor
3. I once performed “there’s a hole in my bucket” to my whole primary school and was then rather embarrassingly recognised by someone at college, 11 years later.

And then I remember starting to talk… Then… Nothing… For the next 4 minutes I cannot remember what I said, it must have been a mixture of adrenaline, fear and excitement, but I couldn’t remember anything until the final minute of my talk.

Martin Beeby was there (also speaking) and he said I did really well, and so did a few others that night and on twitter. My slides also went down well, which I was pleased about as I’d illustrated them all. Sadly, with no video evidence I will never quite know how it went.

Anyway, for anyone interested, here is a link to the slideshare of my talk, complete with audio, please let me know what you think.

And here was the line up on the night:

** UPDATE **

Some of my slides have now been converted into posters on sale here:

Hopefully there will be a next time!