A guest post by Jude Wharton.

In my professional capacity I am one half of the web design and digital design company 2nd Floor. The other half of 2nd Floor was at the New Adventures in Web Design conference in Nottingham this week, while I stayed in the office keeping everything ticking over. The conference is much more his thing than mine, he is the designer, I’m the copywriter and general bits and bobs doer or Business Director as I like to be known!

I had been keeping up with the conference from afar through Twitter and the hashtag #naconf or #nafconf as someone, I assume accidentally, tweeted at one point, which made me smile, although I’m sure it wasn’t naf! I don’t feel I was getting the true messages of the conference though from twitter. By half way through the day I had ascertained that some of the chairs were quite hard, people didn’t get quiche (although apparently real men don’t eat quiche), at a distance in a blurry photo @colly looks a bit like Winchester Web’s @sydlawrence and that the speakers’ accents were representative of the whole of Great Britain.

Despite the amusement I was taking from Twitter, I could see that people were genuinely inspired and as I was discussing with @grahamorriss (who really wanted to be there) throughout the day, my Twitter feed was unusually quiet during the talks, proving I follow a lot of attendees who were really listening. @rougebert was getting a lot of Twitter love after his talk and the enthusiasm surrounding it made me wonder whether, despite not being a designer, I should try and get to events like this.

As well as following the days events at the conference, I was also doing some research into people’s views on using Lorem Ipsum. This is because 2nd Floor have recently launched notloremipsum.com. I wanted to get the site out there into the forums where the use of Lorem Ipsum has been discussed. In reading the articles and comments on this subject I realised that, although I already pay quite a lot of attention to the web design process, I should pay even more attention because design and copy really should go hand in hand from the start. Perhaps getting more involved in the world of web design would benefit my work. So maybe I will be tweeting from inside an event in the future and not pressing my face up against the proverbial window trying to see in.

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