I’m sure many of you have heard of Dribbble, well I have two invitations to give away.

Rather than giving away to friends, going through all of the prospects via Dribbble or giving away to the first two people who ask for a Dribbble invite via Twitter , I thought it would be easier and maybe a bit more fun for people to send a link to their portfolio and I’ll choose 2 winners and send them an invitation to join.

The Rules

Please post your portfolio links below so I can take a look and make sure you fill in the email field (which only I can see) so I’m able to send an invite.

You don’t have to, but it’s probably worth following me on Twitter as I’ll announce winners first on there.

I’ll take a look at all the links and announce the winners just before Christmas (23rd December), an early Christmas present.

The Alternatives

As many of you know, I also love Forrst, in fact I even wrote a post about it. I have 6 Forrst invites I will also give away. Please let me know which invite you’d prefer in your comment below (you can’t have both – that’s just greedy!).


Thank you everyone, it was a REALLY REALLY hard decision narrowing everything down with such a good range of portfolios.

The winners are

1. Alen
2. M3rl1n0

With Forrst invites going to…

1.Dominic Lind
3.Neil Pearce
4.James Wortz
5.Vahid Hallaji
6.Sharon Steel

I’ve drafted or sent out invites to everyone above – have fun Dribbbling or Forrsting and thank you everyone for taking part :)