About a month ago I decided I was fed up with carrying a work mobile and personal mobile around with me, especially as they were both smart phones.

My iPhone (3GS) is worn and getting on a bit, my HTC Desire HD Android phone was new and shiny. After sporadically using my Android phone for work related calls, a bit of testing, texting and checking out all of its widgets and apps I thought “you know what, Android is for me”.

So I took the plunge I updated my Facebook and Twitter statuses to announce my move to Android, I texted all my friends and family from my HTC – encountering my first problem, I could only text 20 people at a time. Maybe I should have stopped there, but I didn’t. I carried on for the next 25 minutes texting in 20 person batches.

Then I did it, something I haven’t done in a long time, I turned off my iPhone and put it on the coffee table, it looked lifeless and sad. Not being the sentimental type I sat back on my sofa, with my shiny HTC Desire HD in my hand wondering why I hadn’t done this sooner.

Sat on the sofa, with the TV on in the background I started to do what I usually do, check my emails and jump onto Twitter.

Here are how the events (and my slow realisation) unfolded.


Twitter app for Android is great, scrolling through my tweets was an absolute joy, soon enough I came across a link I wanted to bookmark. I use Instapaper for that, hang on a minute, I can’t do that – oh pants, that’s a bit of a blow! Nevermind, I’ll email them to myself at some point, I shouldn’t be on my phone anyway, I’ll talk to my wife instead. Actually, let me just check Facebook – aha one of my friends has done something silly, must comment on that, ok I’ll write something that will wind them up (my usual style) – blimey this keyboard is a bit of a nightmare to type more than a short SMS on… oh well how often do I type on a phone anyway?


Ok, they are sure to come straight back with something facetious, trying to outmatch my comment. “Bing”… email… yes this will be it, bit strange I didn’t have a push notification for that, oh well, let’s have a look – that’s irritating, my email is all big and I can’t resize it – nevermind I’ll drag left to see the rest of it. Oh yes, very funny [my friend’s reply on facebook] if not slightly offensive, not as funny as my comment though so not worth replying to that.


Right, jump onto the Internet to find out why push notifications aren’t working. This browser is really hard to use, pinch zoom is a bit clunky and the text rendering is a bit naff, anyway I’m getting distracted, push notifications. Oh… Android has no push notifications. Right. Um. Ok. Well that’s fine I don’t need to know about things instantly on Facebook, emails will do and I’ll set up my phone to text me for Twitter (that’s free).


Ok, I think I’m just about there now with a near iOS experience. I’ll just change my wallpaper to a nice photo of my son. What! He’s gone all squishy, pretty sure he wasn’t that squishy when I put him to bed tonight, confirm with wife, no definitely wrong, let me just adjust the aspect ratio, I can’t. Right.


Well that’s enough faffing around for one evening, I’ll now enjoy the rest of the evening.


Ah, a text saying someone has mentioned me on Twitter, I can’t click on the message to view in it’s entirety, just need to quit SMS, go to Twitter app, wait for it to load latest tweets, go to @ and then click on the tweet to reply. Wow that’s long winded.




I’m not sure that Android is that good actually. I’m switching back.


Set up call forwarding from HTC to iPhone.

20:28 (The next day)

In order to not look too silly and to show that I hadn’t made one snap decision after another, I waited 24 hours to text all my friends with the following message (from my iPhone) along with a suitable update for Twitter and Facebook.

Screenshot of iPhone message

No offence Android, but you’re not for me.