I recently decided to get some consistency in the footer links I was adding to the website I designed and coded. I wasn’t sure whether to use “designed by”, “built by”, “developed by” etc. so I created a post on forrst.com asking fellow designers and developers their thoughts. I was expecting a general consensus and I got quite the opposite. Most comments advised against using the links and there was some real snobbery about the use of footer links.

There seems to be a movement towards removing footer links on websites.  At first I was shocked and didn’t understand, but as the helpful forrstrs helped me realise, web designs are less about bragging rights and more about the client.

I always add a little information within the CSS on a website, explaining who created the code, but there is also a pretty cool way to add more relevant information, humans.txt.  The idea explained on http://humanstxt.org/. I’m currently adopting this method for current projects (including this site http://2fgp.co.uk/humans.txt).

It seems to be quite a hot topic at the moment so I’d really be keen to hear your views on it.